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Who We Are?

RUR Industries Private Limited was incorporated in December 2008 under the Companies Act, 1956 at New Delhi. RUR was established with an objective to provide complete range of services in Vehicle Management, Generator and Asset  Management and Telecommunication with latest technologies of IOT.

RUR Industries Private Limited, is an authorized Partner of Galooli Ltd. Israel, in India. It provides Smart Solutions in Telematics, Fleet Management, Generator Analytics and Remote Management. Our Software application is designed with the intelligent features Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. We have strict quality assurance and  compliance of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, AS 9100.

Galooli stands out as a global partner in remote mobile asset management with a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and workforce performance and cutting OPEX. Built on more than a decade of experience and expertise, our end-to-end solutions offer the most advanced telematics technology coupled with an AI-based platform, that translates multivariate data points into bottom-line results.


To provide World Class Qualitative Products, Services and Solution in Telematics.


Make it a India’s best Solution Provider in the field of Telematics and Remote Management Solutions.

Our Market

Commercial Fleets

Commercial fleet operators are tasked with improving the productivity, performance and safety of their fleet operations. Strategic objectives include increasing operational efficiency, meeting hard deadlines and improving service and driver performance.


Logistics companies seek to keep their vehicles well-maintained to retain cost-efficiency and higher resale value. LCV downtime costs anywhere from €750-€950* a day, which can be lowered considerably with the right management solution.


In recent years passenger cars are being used extensively by Leasing and Rental companies. Factors such as employer’s fuel costs, work vs. private usage, driver behavior and more, all have dramatic economic effects on a planning and adhering to a business expenditure budget.


Mining operations require a daily transfer of heavy loads. Convergence of multiple critical events requires urgent attention and prevention of serious damage that can lead to decreased vehicle lifetime and to operational.

Insurance Telematics

Auto-insurers strive to quote lower premiums for their clients based on a driver’s risk level. Drivers are then incentivized to maintain good driving habits to control premium costs, lower accident rates, minimize number of claims.


The locomotive business requires management of parameters such as on-time arrival, positioning, railway transport security, fuel theft prevention, technical safety, as well as railway operational safety.

Marine Vessels

Damage cost of a main marine vessel’s engine has risen in 52%* over the course of ten years. Such statistics reflect excessive expenditure for businesses.


Tracking location, on-road behavior and progress status are some of the aspects crucial to fleet managers. Galooli OTO’s Triton K2G2 unit traces the journey and sends real-time vehicle updates to fleet managers.


Construction companies require high operational efficiency of heavy machinery to complete site projects on time. Common problems contributing to project delays include machinery theft and unplanned machine breakdown.

Awesome Features

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive maintenance harness sophisticated AI-generated data, reducing and preventing machine and equipment .Easy comparison of a generators performance across multiple distributors/maintenance contractors

Preventive Maintenance

Identify patterns of vehicle usage opposite expenditure & Reduce downtime and prevent unexpected malfunctions

Driver behaviour

ADAS connection allows to draw information to aid in improvement of driving habits, accident reduction, dangerous use of vehicles, and reputation damage. Drivers can be educated by studying their habits and offering case-specific solutions.

Business intelligence

Customize the appearance of your BI dashboards and easily draw insights for a more efficient operation. e.g. ability to match active driving hours vs. employee tasks, vehicle idling, abnormal fuel expenditure/drops etc.


Detect movement of vehicles beyond predetermined geographical boundaries for billing and security purposes.

Engine Diagnostics

Our advanced engine diagnostics enable you to detect and foresee potential faults in the engins functions , allowing for condition based maintenance and preventing redundant expenses due to unscheduled maintenance.

Say less and do more

Galooli’s BLS(Bottom Line Solutions) represent the next generation of telematics.

Stay tuned for better data analysis, done by smart machine learning algorithams which provide actual operational conclusions.

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Our Solutions


Fuel Efficiency

Precise, live measurements of fuel levels accurately chart usage and expenditures, alerting when sudden drops in fuel levels are detected.

Data Management

Intuitive dashboards clearly display and break down all expenses, helping to identify and isolate potential areas of overspending.

Driver Behavior

Smart driver behavior component accurately detects hazardous driving and assesses drivers according to their real-time on-road performance, in addition to highlighting implications on organizational budget and safety.

Preventive Maintenance

Countless data points are collected and analyzed to provide straightforward insights for maintaining optimal vehicle maintenance and efficiency. Actively track your equipment’s diagnostics and attain uninterrupted uptime with condition-based maintenance. Let your machines tell you when they need attention.
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Remote Site Control (NOC)

With the full range of hardware and software, GalooliPOWER provides seamless integration and real time transmission of all assets to display the most accurate status onsite.

Power Management

View fuel and hybrid management all at a single glance. The ZON Control® tracks all remote devices from smokes sensors to grid and solar panel usage. The most comprehensive all-integrated software for remote site management.

Why We Are Better


 Multi-Solutions on one connected platform, customizable for a variety of users.

Service & Support

Galooli investes heavily in providing our partners and clients with exceptional service and support


Above all, we deal with prevention instead of reaction.

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